Cytotoxicity Assay

Cytotoxicity assays are developed to analyze the ability of the lead compound/s to destroy healthy cells. During the preclinical research phases of drug discovery and development, cytotoxicity assays are not only important to assess the safety profile and identify off-target effects but can help save money before moving to expensive in-vivo studies. Our cytotoxic assays are designed to quantify the relative number of dead cells in a population. Our team of experienced scientists will help to choose the appropriate cytotoxic assay/s based on the characteristics of the drug and careful consideration of its cellular and molecular functions.

Available cytotoxicity assays
  • LDH release assay - Quantify the LDH secreted from cells with ruptured cell membranes
  • Protease activity assay - Luciferase, quantifies extracellular protease activity
  • Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase release assay - Fluorescent
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