Cell Migration and Invasion Assay

Migration and invasion are fundamental properties of a live cell and are crucial for normal development, wound healing, and immune response. While it is a hallmark of metastasis in solid tumors, it is also required for neo-angiogenesis which is essential to provide nutrition to the growing tumor. The process of cell mobilization is mediated by a complex interplay of various physical and biochemical factors like chemokines and growth factors. The process of cell migration is regulated by complex signaling pathways and involves many components of the cellular motility machinery. Evaluation of migration and invasion is important for a wide range of biomedical research including cancer biology, vascular biology, developmental biology, and immunology. The experienced team of scientists at TME will provide comprehensive migration and invasion assay services to evaluate various aspects of this complex mechanism most relevant to the action of your drug.

Available migration and invasion assays
  • Transwell cell migration assay (Boyden’s chamber assay)
  • Wound healing assay
  • Chemotaxis
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