CRISPR Stable Cells

CRISPR/Cas9 system has evolved to be more than just a tool for gene editing and has been developed into a powerful tool to regulate gene expression and alter the genomic and cistromic landscape of the cells. CRISPR/Cas9 system is rapidly transforming the outlook of research in biology and medicine due to its ease of operation, specificity, and cost-effectiveness. Typically, Cas9/dCas9 and sgRNA are introduced into the cells using chemical transfection reagents or viral delivery systems. While this is effective for low-throughput and routine work, it is not efficient for high-throughput workflow. TME offers customized solutions to engineer stably express Cas9, dCas9, or dCas9 flushed with various transcriptional effectors in the cell(s) of interest. These cell models offer more control over genome editing/gene regulation, improve efficiency, and reduce repeated transfection-based stress on the cells. Cas9 stable cells are useful for genome-wide CRISPR screens, sgRNA functional validation, and inducible genome editing.

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