Cell Viability Assay

Assessing cell viability is crucial to evaluate cellular health and drug toxicity. Cell viability assays measure the number of viable and/or actively dividing cells in a population. Increased viability is associated with increased cell proliferation. TME offers a wide selection of cell viability assays to meet the specific needs of the research project.

Available cell viability assays
  • ATP assay - Luminescent, quantifies the ATP produced by live cells
  • MTT/MST/WST assay - Colorimetric assay, Quantifies the cellular metabolic activity
  • Alamar blue/Presto blue - Colorimetric, Fluorescence assay, non-toxic, Quantifies the cellular metabolic activity
  • Calcein AM - Fluorescent, Cell tracker
  • Dual Colour viability assay - Fluorescent, live-dead staining
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