Cell Line Authentication

Misidentification and unnoticed contamination in cultured cells cause serious problems. Viral cross-contamination, mislabeling or other laboratory errors may give misleading or false results. Revalidation is often required by funding agencies and high-ranked scientific journals. Additionally, FDA requires validation of all materials in new drug (IND) applications.

Our authentication service follows the International Cell Line Authentication Committee (ICLAC) standard, performs DNA fingerprinting for each received cell lines and provides STR (Short Tandem Repeat) reports.

We guarantee fast and cost-effective authentication of any human, mouse, rat or canine cell lines.

Reauthentication is suggested when:

  • You receive a new cell line from other laboratories
  • Your cell has been passaged more than 10 generations
  • Your cell is not growing actively as supposed to be
  • Your cell is continuously growing for more than two months
  • You are preparing a cell bank
  • Cell growth condition is in doubt
For any enquiries, please contact us through our request form or email enquiry@tme-scientific.com describing your situation and requirements.