Mycoplasma Detection

Mycoplasma is a widespread contaminant in cell culture with profound effects on cell growth and cell behaviour. Mycoplasma is small in size, difficult to detect and hard to get rid of.

The conventional methods are effective on mycoplasma detection but they are time-consuming and usually take minimum of 28 days to obtain result. Our Nucleic acid Amplification Technique (NAT) is a PCR-based assay that is fast and reliable.

We provide highly sensitive mycoplasma detection service (2-3 days), followed by decontamination at your request.

When you should perform a mycoplasma detection:

  • You receive a new cell line from other laboratories
  • Your cell has been passaged more than 10 generations
  • Your cell is not growing actively as supposed to be
  • Your cell is continuously growing for more than two months
  • You are preparing a cell bank
  • Cell growth condition is in doubt
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